Listening Tour Manager

Opportunity Closes: Thursday, June 16th at 11:59pm AWST.

Number of positions of this role available: seven (7)

The Listening Tour Manager of the Youth Representative Program assists with the key consultative and reporting operations of Youth Representative activities in a particular State or Territory.

This year, the Tour Manager will volunteer collaboratively with Angelica Ojinnaka (2022 Youth Rep) and Igor Andonov (Chief Youth Representation Officer) to identify, organise, conduct, and report on consultations with young people in a certain region of Australia. The Tour Manager will liaise between the community and the Youth Rep Team to ensure that our consultations create the most impact for the young people we will interact with. They will also interact with other operational staff of the Youth Rep Program as projects or initiatives develop.

We believe this position is ideal for young people wishing to engage in event planning, community engagement, non-for-profit sector work, social work, and work in the youth sector.

UN Youth Australia is a youth for youth not-for-profit organisation. This volunteer position is available for young people 17 to 25 (inclusive), who are not in high school, and are eligible to hold a Working With Children Check (or equivalent).

As the Listening Tour Manager of the Youth Representation Portfolio at UN Youth Australia, you will help by performing the following duties:

  • Identify, using evidence-based practices and community outreach, organisations and groups of young people to consult with;
  • Organising consultations in your respective region (state/territory), including assisting by;
    • Liaising with representatives of the organisation;
    • Systematically obtaining and recording the necessary information to operate the consultation;
    • Liaise with the Youth Rep team in scheduling the consultation; and
    • Assisting with organising the logistics of attendance.
  • Organising meetings with key stakeholders, including members of parliament, community organisers, government department leadership, and more.
  • Liaising with other functions of the Youth Rep team (communications, report writing) to build a comprehensive account of activities in the respective Division/region.

If your capacity allows you to, you will assist by attending these consultations in your respective region of operations and meetings with the Youth Representative (with costs covered, according to the operational budget). The primary responsibility however is with organising the consultations, with your attendance at these consultations determined by your capacity and discussion with the Program’s executive.

You do not have to be within a region of operations (state/territory) to organise consultations. If you wish to organise consultations in other states and territories, please preference them on your application form. We welcome volunteers for other states and territories where youth engagement is not particularly high or prevalent.

We are looking for a volunteer with the following skills, qualifications or experience to fill this volunteer role:

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with an attention to detail in stakeholder correspondence and expectations.
  • Operational planning skills, including the ability to follow and meet event planning guidelines and requirements;
  • The ability to manage a project across time, different geographies, and with multiple stakeholders;
  • The ability to understand various stakeholders and their unique needs and understanding, and related that back to Program operations;
  • An interest in the inclusion and representation of all young people in Australia, including a passion to accurately represent their experiences and identities; and
  • An understanding of strategic plans, priorities and directions.

Time commitment

For this position, we believe it is about 5 hours per week (1 hour per day) of volunteering time, however, this is flexible and completely contingent on your capacity. It is a remote (virtual) position, with opportunities to attend consultations in person.

If your capacity permits and you join the Youth Rep at these consultations, this will require a significant further specific commitment.


The Report Writer will be supervised by the Youth Representation Portfolio’s executive, Igor Andonov (Chief Youth Representation Officer). The lead will however volunteer closely and be directed by the Youth Representative, Angelica Ojinnaka.

Safety, Accountability, and Background Checks

UN Youth Australia is a youth for youth organisation dedicated, through its Youth Representation Portfolio, to ensuring young people in Australia have a representative voice at the United Nations and within domestic forums. We’re a child-safe organisation, with a focus on ensuring all our events and engagements meet the physical, mental, and emotional needs of young people.

As part of our commitment, we require certain information and checks to be conducted. All volunteers must obtain a Volunteer (often free) Working with Children Check (WWCC) (or equivalent) in their respective State or Territory. Depending on their scope of operations, they may be required to obtain WWCCs in other state and territories. We will also collect and verify two references as a mandatory part of the application confirmation process. We will let you know when you need to provide this information.

If you have any questions about our Child Safety policy and these checks, please don’t hesitate to contact the Chief Youth Representation Officer, Igor Andonov, at, or the Chief Human Resources Officer, Shoilee Mondal, at Please note we treat all information as sensitive and confidential, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

How to Apply:

Your application should be submitted through this specific form, and include the following information:

  • Your legal name, age, and State or Territory of residence;
  • Your best email address;
  • Your eligibility status for a WWCC;
  • A resume of relevant experience; and
  • A statement addressing your vision and capabilities in addressing the duties and responsibilities of the role.

Updates about your application will be communicated via your email.


Please direct any questions to the Chief Youth Representation Officer, Igor Andonov, at