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Volunteering at UN Youth

UN Youth is led entirely by a team of volunteers aged 17 to 25. Volunteers lead the organisation through operations, education, communications, finance and human resources. There is a role for everyone.

Our volunteers empower us

UN Youth Australia has over 700 passionate volunteers across Australia in every state and territory. Determined to empower young people, our volunteers operate every function of the organisation’s portfolios, including operations, education, communications and marketing, finance, human resources, and executive management including the Board of Directors. 

With teams at a National and Divisional (state/territory) level, there are 100s of positions across these portfolios. Not only do your contributions operate Australia’s largest youth-led non for profit organisation, but you obtain unique, highly sought after skills and experience to give back to your community; whether that be volunteering elsewhere, or taking your skills into the public and private sector.

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Our current opportunities

We have various opportunities within multiple portfolios available to young people. Have a look at the specific roles available!

National committees are teams of volunteers who lead and carry out the functions of our biggest portfolios. Take a look!

A connected community

All young people in Australia aged 17 to 25, and not in high school, can volunteer with UN Youth Australia. Our volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds and often are either studying or working in various fields. At our core, we are all passionate about empowering young people.

Volunteering with UN Youth can take you far beyond your division (state/territory). Our programs and activities can take you around Australia to national competitions and conferences, or around the world on international educational tours. These wide-reaching opportunities allow our volunteers to interact with each other across boundaries, often becoming close friends despite the geographical location.

Our volunteers

Empowering young people also means empowering our volunteers. Some of our volunteers share their stories on how UN Youth has made an everlasting impact on them.

Volunteering with UN Youth has been the best part of my life as a university student. Most of my closest friends are people who I have met through UN Youth as the volunteer base is comprised of so many lovely people. The organisation has also allowed me to take on positions of responsibility that young people cannot access in most organisations. I entered the organisation with no experience organising events or managing people but was given the opportunities and support I needed to develop these skills. I have been lucky enough to hold a wide range of positions in UN Youth, all of which have given me the chance to help make our programs as rewarding as possible for the wonderful students we work with. UN Youth has given me great opportunities and friendships, and I could not be happier with my decision to get involved as a volunteer!

Michael, Victorian President

My experiences with UN Youth as both a delegate and throughout my time as a volunteer have shaped my experiences as a young person. They influenced my decision to devote my life to the education of young people, and inspired me to ensure that all young Australians have equitable access to quality education. UN Youth allowed me to explore the world through our workshops, Model UN debates and, Interactive Problem Solving activities, and has helped me to form life-long friendships with young people from across Australia.

Em, Chief Youth Representative Officer

Volunteering with UN Youth has for sure been one of the most positive, rewarding and impactful experiences of the last half decade for me. I have not only had the opportunity to gain real life skills very early on in my post-secondary pathway, including event, team and time management, written and verbal communication skills and access to a professional network of incredibly competent and inspiring young change-makers – but I have also made my personal and professional life so much more rewarding. I have been privileged to meet some of my closest friends through UN Youth, who I am sure to spend many, many years ahead working with, cheering on, and celebrating life alongside. Above all else, I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with incredible delegates, who are wise and passionate beyond their years, and who will undoubtedly lead the world one day with grace, intellect, compassion and fervour. It has been a pleasure facilitating at a local, regional and national level, and I am so excited to see where our fellow volunteers and delegates go in future. Cannot thank the UN Youth community enough for the role it has played in my life thus far.

Izabela, Western Australia Vice President Administration

Volunteering for UN Youth has been a truly valuable and unique experience where I have been able to tackle amazing and challenging projects whilst making friends along the way. Working with the National Communications Committee has developed my knowledge around communications, social media and writing. UN Youth has expanded my degree in ways I never thought possible and shown me how young Australians can truly make a difference.

Amy, Content Marketing Manager

Being a UN Youth facilitator has been so useful in many ways! Besides making some really close (and amazingly cool) friends, UN Youth Australia has definitely helped my project management and stakeholder engagement skills. Being a UN Youth facilitator has also helped me remain adaptable, with the different jobs I’ve done, COVID disrupted them all. As annoying as it was, the disruptions made me more flexible in event organisation and made me really consider contingencies more than I had done previously.

Edward, Western Australia Vice President Operations

About UN Youth Australia

We are a national youth-led organisation that aims to educate and empower young Australians on global issues. All of the work that we do is rooted in the belief that young people can and do make a difference in their communities. We foster ideas and innovation, and we give young people the inspiration and support they need to create change.

Programs & Activities

UN Youth runs a variety of programs and activities for high-schools students across Australia. You can view all these programs and activities on our website.

Support us

UN Youth Australia is run entirely by volunteers with no external funding. Help us run education programs for even more Australians by becoming a monthly giver.

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