Victorian Treasurer

Opportunity Closes: Sunday, 18th of December 2022 at 11:59 pm AWST.

About UN Youth Victoria

UN Youth Victoria is a division of UN Youth Australia, a national youth-led organisation that aims to educate and empower young Australians on global issues. We know that young leaders have the vision and passion to create meaningful change within their communities and throughout the world, and strive to equip them with the skills and inspiration to do so. 

UN Youth Australia is run entirely by a team of over 1,000 dedicated volunteers aged between 16 and 25. Our activities – which engage over 15,000 students each year – are run for young people, by young people. We are one of the only organisations brave enough to employ young people with skills in education, design, leadership, organisation, diplomacy and negotiate to execute their visions – and we couldn’t be happier with the result!

If all this excites you, too; if you’re passionate about providing pathways for young people to achieve great things, and have a passion and commitment to lead positive change within the community, then we want you on our team.

About the position

You love working with numbers and don’t mind staring at spreadsheets for hours upon end. You’re driven to take actions to ensure the organisation remains financially viable and grows on a yearly basis, where possible you focus on maximising revenues and minimising expenses.

You manage all the division’s finances. From ensuring all debt collection is performed in a timely manner, updating the division’s budgets and cash flow forecasts, you will be responsible for managing the Xero accounting system to prepare financial reports on a monthly basis. You will also be responsible for the administration of our bank accounts, debit cards and our managed investment.

You are focused on optimal efficiency around all financial processes and on continuous improvement. Efficiency will allow you to focus on the big picture finance side of things, with a focus on cash flow forecasting, ways to invest cash reserves and ensuring the division’s finances align with the strategic plan and will allow for the division to continue to grow. 

Core Competencies:


You have a proven ability in financial and people management, and a keen eye for detail in the work that you do.

Planning & Organisation

You have exceptional planning and organisational skills, and can work to and create strict deadlines to ensure work meets the highest professional standards.


You can take initiative and work independently within a team to ensure tasks are completed and all aspects are considered in process.


You are motivated and committed to being involved in the wider organisation and to complete the day-to-day task associated with the role.

Forward Thinking

You have the ability to forward think and plan for future events, as well as develop sound, long-term financial strategy.

Key Information:

  • Time Commitment:
  • 10 – 15 hours per week and weekly meetingsWill increase during end of financial year wrap up
  • Direct Reports: Assistant Treasurer
  • Key Relationships:
  • Chief Financial Officer (National), President & Event Convenors 

How to apply

Applications should be submitted to Is Hay at by 11:59pm Sunday 18th December.

Your application should include: 

  • Your name, age, phone number and personal email address;
  • A resume of relevant experience, not to exceed 1 page; and
  • A cover letter outlining your vision and explaining your suitability for the role, not to exceed 2 pages.


This position will be appointed by the 2023 executive. Shortlisted candidates may be invited to an interview.


Please direct any questions to Is Hay at

Please note: This is a role undertaken on a voluntary basis and positions will not be financially compensated for any hours spent volunteering for the organisation.