National Recruitment Manager

Applications are now open for the position of the National Recruitment Manager of UN Youth Australia. We are looking for two to three passionate volunteers to join the recruitment team! 

This is a unique opportunity to manage the recruitment of volunteers, as part of the national recruitment team at UN Youth Australia. As part of this role, you will lead the national recruitment strategy to ensure UN Youth maintains strong recruitment practices throughout the year and supports the recruitment needs of (state/territory) divisions. This is a fantastic chance to develop innovative recruitment campaigns for major roles offered in the organisation.

All members must be under the age of 25 (inclusive) at the time of their appointment and eligible for Associate Membership of either a Division of UN Youth Australia or the national organisation. They must hold, or be eligible to hold, a Working With Children Check (WWCC) or state and territory equivalent. 

About the Role

A National Recruitment Manager is responsible for the management of UN Youth Australia’s recruitment. Working with the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and Chief Communications Officer (CCO), as well as the other recruitment managers, they will create a recruitment strategy and will be responsible for overseeing its implementation both divisonally and nationally. There is scope to unleash your creativity in this role, through working with the CCO to develop exciting recruitment campaigns to recruit National Executives and members of the multitude of committees that exist at UN Youth. There is also flexibility to work on your own projects within recruitment and collaboration with other parts of the organisation, for example to develop external partnerships with organisations to improve recruitment. 

National Recruitment Members will be responsible for:

  • Working with the CHRO and CCO to formulate a recruitment strategy for 2021 and 2022. 
  • Liaising with divisional presidents, HR directors and communications directors to oversee the implementation of recruitment strategies and communications via consultations. 
  • Assisting divisional presidents, HR directors and communications directors with their recruitment needs.
  • Publishing volunteer opportunities on volunteer job websites and university careers websites. 
  • Updating the database of connections and contacts for universities, TAFEs, etc.
  • Establishing and maintaining these contacts and relationships during their term.
  • Assisting the CHRO in the review and edit of all recruitment documents and training materials.
  • Participating in selection committees for roles through shortlisting and interviewing candidates
  • Creating monthly direct reports to the CHRO and CCO.

Additionally, the National Recruitment Manager is expected to demonstrate the following core competencies: 

  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment;
  • Demonstrated leadership and initiative;
  • Proven ability to communicate effectively and build relationships;
  • Ability to work autonomously with accountability;
  • Capacity to support executive and strategic direction; and
  • Ability to come up with innovative ideas and strategies.

About you

  • You will have a strong willingness to learn including learning about UN Youth if you are external;
  • Long-term strategy and partnership skills are essential;
  • People management and development skills will be extremely advantageous;
  • Experience with Excel; and
  • Experience or studies in recruitment, marketing or human resources is ideal but not required.

Applicants must have, or be eligible to hold, a Working with Children Check or state and territory equivalent.

What is the time commitment of the role? 

The time commitment for the National Recruitment Manager is expected to be 3-6 hours per week. The work is generally, but not always, timeline flexible and there will be busy weeks with lots to do while others which you will have little to do (a hard-earned rest or a good time to begin other projects!)

Please note: This is a role undertaken on a voluntary basis and positions will not be financially compensated for any hours spent volunteering for the organization.

Oversight and accountability 

The National Recruitment Manager is overseen directly by the CHRO. There will also be significant oversight and communications with the CCO in relation to media and communications strategies and creation. There will be Fortnightly or Monthly oversight calls with the CHRO and/ or the CCO (usually around 30-45 minutes) 

With assistance from the CHRO, the National Recruitment Manager will develop KPIs which will be reflective of the tasks outlined in the position description. These KPIs will be used to track performance and progress across the duration of their term.

How to apply: 

Applications should be submitted via the form embedded below or via the following link

Your application should include

  • Your name, age and division (state/territory of residence);
  • Your best phone number and email address;
  • Your WWCC number of local equivalent (if you have one);
  • A resume of relevant experience, not to exceed two A4 pages; and
  • A statement addressing the core competencies outlined above and your vision for the role, not to exceed one A4 page.

Both internal and external applicants are highly encouraged to apply. 


The roles will be appointed by the UN Youth National Executive. The successful candidate’s term will be a year, from the 1st June 2021 (flexible around exams) until 31st May 2022 . Interviews and/ or supplementary assessment tasks may be undertaken as a part of the application process. 


Please direct any questions to the Chief Human Resources Officer, Nell Crossett, at

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