Emerging Leaders Program 2021 Convenor and Deputy Convenor

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) will explore the contemporary nature of Asia and how a globalised world has affected their evolution and engagement with the international system. This online tour will examine Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam, and will examine their complicated histories with each other, and the world around them. This trip is expected to run over four consecutive days in July. Learn more about ELP here.

Applications are now open for the following positions: 

  • Emerging Leaders Online Program 2021 Convenor 
  • Emerging Leaders Online Program 2021 Deputy Convenor 

Given these unique circumstances, all applications will be considered for both Convenor and Deputy Convenor. Should you have a preference for one position over the other, kindly indicate this within your application. 

The Convenor has primary responsibility for organising all aspects of the event. This includes agenda, schedule, activities, speakers, platform organisation, liaising with delegates and anything else required. The Convenor will have 3 Deputy Convenors to assist with organising the online event. Aside from this tight – knit team , the Convenor will also have the assistance of the Chief International Operations Officer and the rest of the National Executive. The Convenor will be overseen by the Chief International Operations Officer and is expected to work closely with them. They will update the Board of Directors on their progress, through the submission of budgets, a Risk Management Plan , and through reports of the National President. Once appointed , the Convenor will sign a Convenor Agreement detailing their duties, expectations and key performance indicators , following consultation with the Chief International Operations Officer and/or the Board of Directors . The Convenor can expect to spend an average of five hours per week organising the event in the lead up , and this workload will increase in the two months immediately prior to the event . The role concludes 4 weeks after the event, or until such time as the Convenor has completed the financial wrap up and final report for the event. 

*The Deputy Convenor is expected to carry out these tasks on a smaller scale as delegated by the Chief International Operations Officer and the Convenor. 

About the Role

The ELP 2021 Convenor will be responsible for coordinating their team of deputy convenors. Together, the team must plan and run the whole tour, including: 

  • Finalising the itinerary;
  • Developing the educational plan for the tour with the ed committee;
  • Managing the agenda items and speaker coordination;
  • Managing program finances;
  • Recruiting Delegates; and
  • Mentoring and acting as welfare officers for the participants during the tour. 

The YDT 2021 Deputy Convenor will be part of a team of 4 people, including the tour convenor and 3 deputies. General responsibilities will include: 

  • Finalising the itinerary in the lead up to the tour;
  • Developing the educational plan and theme of the tour with the ed committee;
  • Organising bookings, including accommodation and activities;
  • Managing program finances (both in the lead up to and during the tour);
  • Mentoring and acting as welfare officers for the participants during the tour; and
  • Managing logistics during the tour. 

The theme of the tour is shifting paradigms in a globalised world. We’ll be exploring places, people and forces that are shaping our present and changing our futures. Starting in Japan we look at how culture is shaped through the interaction of the state with the world. Moving through Taiwan, we will explore the geopolitical implications of opposing ideologies and the challenges for de facto states. The tour will end in Vietnam, where we will look at how the Vietnam war impacted the nation and the socialist states’ role in ASEAN.

Candidates should also be able to demonstrate: 

  • Strong facilitation skills and the ability to work well in a team,
  • Logistical, organisational, and problem-solving skills;
  • Ability to work to deadlines; and 
  • Ability to work with the National Executive to maximise the success of the tour and the health and wellbeing of participants. 

Applicants must: 

  • Be aged 18 years or older by July 2021;
  • Complete UN Youth facilitator accreditation by July 2021; and 
  • Have current Senior First Aid, CPR qualifications, and Youth Mental Health First Aid at the time of the tour in July 2021. 

How to apply: 

Applications should be submitted via the form embedded below or via the following link https://unyouth.wufoo.com/forms/emerging-leaders-program-2021-convenor/

Your application should include

  • Your name, age and division (state/territory of residence);
  • Your best phone number and email address;
  • Your WWCC number or local equivalent (if you have one);
  • A resume of relevant experience, not to exceed two A4 pages;
  • A statement addressing the core competencies and your reason for applying, not to exceed one A4 page; and

Please assist us by saving your file as a PDF with the following filename format: “POSITION NAME – Your Name.pdf”.

Both internal and external applicants are highly encouraged to apply. 


The positions will be appointed by UN Youth Australia’s Board of Directors.


Please direct any questions about the roles or the tours to Amber (Chief International Operations Officer) at cioo@unyouth.org.au

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