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Communications & Public Relations Officer

Operations Department | Australian Youth Representative Program

Every year, our Listening Tour engages 1000s of participants across all communities within Australia as they share their experiences, opinions, and thoughts about the world we live in and its issues. The ‘Communications & Public Relations Officer’ works side-by-side with our Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations to engage with audiences online and craft an accessible, engaging and meaningful presence that represents all young people across Australia.

The role includes creating passionate and engaging youth-centred content for our social media pages including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and a website that sees over 50,000 page views monthly (and growing!).

The role includes using design applications (Canva Pro/Teams, Adobe Creative Suite) to develop creative content for a variety of operations and audiences. Traditionally, we create content highlighting our Listening Tour consultations, our engagement with the United Nations, events with young people, and our community engagement.

This role includes the capacity for you to grow and develop the direction, design, and types of content produced for the Program. Help us make the Program more engaging and impactful for all young people in Australia!

Tasks and Responsibilities include:

  • Conceptualise (create ideas), design and write content with the Australian Youth Representative for social media channels and UN Youth Australia’s website.
  • Utilise Australian Youth Representative platforms to highlight young people across Australia and their experiences and opinions about the world they live in today.
  • Engage and grow a variety of audiences, including young people, the community and non-profit sector, the government (local, state and territory, federal, and intergovernmental), and the private sector.
  • Liaise with media, advertising agencies and stakeholders to highlight the Program, the Listening Tour, and our operations more broadly.
  • Work with the Youth Representative Team to deliver other communications and public-facing projects, including video and interactive content creation.

Role Dimensions

Ways of Working
The ‘Communications & Public Relations Officer’ role is a remote and volunteer position. UN Youth Australia uses Slack, a workspace collaborative messaging application, to bring together our 100s of volunteers from any location across Australia. We utilise Google Workspace, Canva Pro/Teams, and a variety of other business and internal applications to make a strong social impact for everyone. Volunteers have the opportunity to attend our bi-annual National Council (internal Volunteer Conference) held in a different city across Australia each time.

Decision-Making Responsibilities
This role makes decisions as to the ideas, design and types of content suitable for social media and website channels. They work with the Australian Youth Representative and the Chief Youth Representation Officer to schedule and deliver content.

Direct Reports
No other role directly reports to this position.

Prior Experience
No formal training or experience is required. Interest or education in journalism, communications, and design may benefit you in the role.

What you will receive from volunteering in this role

At UN Youth Australia, all volunteering positions are designed for volunteers to learn skills, gain experiences, and take value from their contributions. We really value your volunteering and we want to make sure you grow your professional and personal life.

Joining us in this role will provide you with the following:

  • A portfolio of creative work you can share with your network, community and future employers.
  • A network of passionate young people from across Australia working and creating impact in all fields of society, including policy, STEM, business, education and more.
  • Strong communications and marketing experience, representing a public individual and brand.

We will be sure to provide you with a reference letter, and public recognition if you are comfortable with so. You can include this experience on your resume for external jobs (most current volunteers and alumni note their UN Youth experience significantly contributing to their selection). This position is also excellent for jumping into other complex roles around UN Youth Australia and our Divisions.

The Operations Department is one of three arms that drives and delivers the social impact of Australia’s youth representation mechanism to the United Nations.

The Operations Department delivers our cross-program initiatives by coordinating essential infrastructure and lasting sustainable practices. The Departments include volunteers managing our Sponsors & Partners, our Human Resources, our Finance, and our non-Listening Tour events available to young people and internal volunteers.

You can learn more about the ‘Australian Youth Representative Program’ by visiting our website: ausyouthrep.unyouth.org.au

Applications are open to any young person 18 to 25 (inclusive) living in Australia. Applications are considered on a rolling basis starting Monday, 12th of June, 2023, one week since application opening.

To apply, visit this form here: https://unyouth.wufoo.com/forms/communications-public-relations-officer/

  • Please provide a resume of relevant experience (can be work experience, education/classes taken, volunteering, and other forms of unpaid or paid experience).
  • Answer the questions on the form.
  • Fill out the information about you.

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application. We are looking for up to two people to fill this role.

Any questions about this role can be directed to the Program’s Chief Officer, Igor Andonov (he/him) at yr-recruitment@unyouth.org.au

For a confidential conversation about UN Youth Australia’s practices towards safe and inclusive environments for all young people and their lived experiences, please contact our (separate) Human Resources Portfolio at hr@unyouth.org.au. Dedicated officers representing young people of colour, young people living with disabilities, queer young people, and women and non-binary young people, are available for conversation.