Chief Domestic Operations Officer

Opportunity Closes: Wednesday, 3rd of November 2021 at 11:59 pm AWST.

Applications are now open for the position of Chief Domestic Operations Officer on the National Executive, the senior operating body of UN Youth Australia. National Executive vacancies represent amazing opportunities to be part of the team that guides the implementation of UN Youth Australia’s national strategy and mission, and to play key roles in leading a range of portfolios. 

All members must be between the ages of 18 to 25 (inclusive) at the time of their appointment and eligible for Associate Membership of either a Division of UN Youth Australia or the national organisation. They must hold, or be eligible to hold, a Working With Children Check (WWCC) or state and territory equivalent.

About the Role

The Chief Domestic Operations Officer holds primary responsibility for developing and overseeing our National Activities (i.e. Voice National Finals in April, National Conference, and Evatt National Finals in November/December and two National Councils) and risk management strategies in relation to these programs. 

The Chief Domestic Operations Officer is responsible for: 

  • Supervising all major National Activities  through regular meetings with convenors;
  • Assisting in the development of National Activities and programs in the organisation;
  • Working with the Board Finance & Foundation Committee, Chief Finance Officer and National Finance Committee to develop and approve event budgets and ensure rigorous financial oversight of the National Activities; 
  • Developing best practice guidelines for oversight and convening in the organisation; 
  • Appointing convenors for 2023 National Activities;
  • Attending all National Activities within their term; and.
  • Supporting Divisional Operations Directors.

Additionally, the Chief Domestic Operations Officer is expected to demonstrate the following core competencies: 

Essential Criteria

  • Strong commitment and ability to work to deadlines; 
  • Critical thinking e.g. ability to solve complex logistical problems.
  • Project management and planning skills 
  • People management skills – particularly serving as oversight, driving accountability, and when necessary, motivating volunteer action to achieve objectives.
  • Experience in creating and managing event budgets.
  • Strong competency in identifying and managing risks.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and with clarity.

Desirable Criteria

  • Demonstrated leadership and initiative in providing oversight and driving strategic initiatives;
  • Ability to support and execute strategic direction; 
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment;
  • Demonstrated passion of UN Youth’s National Activities.

About the National Executive

The National Executive (NExec) is the operating body of UN Youth Australia, a company limited by guarantee that serves as the federal body for eight UN Youth state and territory divisions. The National Executive consists of ten officers, each holding a specific portfolio. The National Executive is appointed by the Board of Directors with the exception of the National President, which is elected by Voting Members (Divisions). 

What does the National Executive do? 

The National Executive’s role is to run the day-to-day operations of the national organisation and help guide the strategy for the entire organisation. This involves overseeing the organisation’s administration, finances, educational content and mission, external relations, national and international programs, and volunteer management. 

What is the time commitment of being on NExec? 

Each National Executive member is typically appointed for a 12-month term, with the possibility of an extension. During this time, each officer should aim to attend: 

  • Weekly National Executive teleconference meetings (usually for 2 hours). 
  • Two times yearly National Executive Face to Face meetings (usually held over three days each time in February and August, in locations to be determined) 
  • Twice yearly National Council meetings (held over one week each time in July in Sydney and December in Adelaide). 

Reimbursements are made for travel and accommodation for National Councils and National Executive Face to Face meetings. 

National Executive members serve in a volunteer capacity and do not receive a financial compensation or a stipend for their service. The estimated time commitment for National Executive members is 15-20 hours per week on their portfolio. 

Oversight and accountability 

Each member of the National Executive is directly overseen by the National President and will undergo performance reviews conducted by the Board of Directors at least twice a year. 

Each member of the National Executive signs a Confidentiality Agreement and a Volunteer Agreement developed in collaboration with the HR Committee of the Board of Directors that agrees the volunteer’s role and responsibilities and ways of working with the Board.

About the UN Youth Australia

UN Youth Australia is a not-for-profit, youth-led organisation that aims to build the people’s movement for the United Nations through the education and empowerment of young Australians. We seek to provide young Australians with a global education, including knowledge of the social and political problems confronting the world and the skills needed to address them.   

We run a large range of international, national and local programs designed to provide this empowerment through education, with a focus on students aged 15 to 19. Within Australia, we organise State/Territory and National Conferences, Evatt (a national Model UN competition), and Voice (a junior public speaking competition). Internationally, we coordinate educational tours of Europe, the United States, the Middle East, East Timor, and New Zealand for secondary school students. We also work directly with the Australian Government to promote youth empowerment. In collaboration with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, we nominate an Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations General Assembly.

How to apply:

Opportunity Closes: Wednesday, 3rd of November 2021 at 11:59 pm AWST.

Applications should be submitted the form below or via this form:

Your application should include: 

  • Your name, age and division (state/territory);
  • Your best phone number and email address;
  • Your WWCC number or local equivalent (if you have one);
  • A resume of relevant experience, not to exceed one A4 page; and 
  • A statement addressing the core competencies outlined below and your vision for the role, not to exceed two A4 pages.


The roles will be appointed by UN Youth Australia’s Board of Directors in November 2021. The successful candidates will be appointed for a 12-month term starting 1st January 2022, with the possibility of an extension.


Please direct any questions to the outgoing President, Georgina Ryan at

Please note: This is a role undertaken on a voluntary basis and positions will not be financially compensated for any hours spent volunteering for the organization.

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