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Chief Development Officer

    Applications are now open for the Chief Development Officer on
    the National Executive of UN Youth Australia:

    This vacancy represents an amazing opportunity to be part of the team that
    guides the implementation of UN Youth Australia’s national strategy and
    mission, and to play key roles in leading a range of portfolios.

    All members must be under the age of 26 at the time of their appointment
    and eligible for Associate Membership of either a division of UN Youth
    Australia or the national organisation. They must hold, or be eligible to hold, a
    Working with Children Check (WWCC) or state equivalent.


    The National Executive (NExec) is the operating body of UN Youth Australia, a
    company limited by guarantee that serves as the federal body for eight UN Youth
    state and territory divisions. The National Executive consists of ten officers, each
    holding a specific portfolio. The National Executive is appointed by the Board of
    Directors with the exception of the National President, which is elected by Voting
    Members (divisions).

    What does the National Executive do?
    The National Executive’s role is to run the day-to-day operations of the national
    organisation and help guide the strategy for the entire organisation. This involves
    overseeing the organisation’s administration, finances, educational content and
    mission, external relations, national and international programs, and volunteer

    What is the time commitment of being on NExec?
    Each National Executive member is typically appointed for a 12-month term, with the
    possibility of an extension. During this time, each officer should aim to attend:
    ● Weekly National Executive teleconference meetings (usually for 2 hours).
    ● One National Executive Face to Face meetings (usually held over three days
    in February, with location to be determined)
    ● Twice yearly National Council meetings (held over one week each time in July
    2024 in Brisbane and December 2024 in Sydney).

    Reimbursements are made for travel and accommodation for National Councils and
    National Executive Face to Face meetings.

    National Executive members serve in a volunteer capacity and do not receive a
    financial compensation or a stipend for their service. The estimated time commitment
    for National Executive members is 15-20 hours per week on their portfolio.

    Oversight and accountability
    Each member of the National Executive is directly overseen by the National
    President and will undergo performance reviews conducted by the Board of Directors
    at least twice a year.

    Each member of the National Executive signs a Confidentiality Agreement and a
    Volunteer Agreement developed in collaboration with the HR Committee of the Board
    of Directors that agrees the volunteer’s role and responsibilities and ways of working
    with the Board


    The Chief Development Officer is responsible for engaging external
    stakeholders to create sponsorship and partnership opportunities for UN
    Youth Australia and for managing relationships with UN Youth Australia’s

    The Chief Development Officer is responsible for:
    ● Designing and implementing an innovative organisational sponsorship
    and partnerships strategy;
    ● Working with the National President to build and manage partnerships
    with key stakeholders in government, private and non-profit sectors.
    ● Applying for grants and sponsorship (both financial and in-kind) on
    behalf of the organisation;
    ● Fostering and building the UN Youth alumni community, and working
    with divisions and National Council Convenors to plan alumni events
    around Australia;
    ● Overseeing the National Accessibility Panel and seeking
    sponsorships/partnerships that increase the accessibility of our
    ● Promoting sponsorship best practice throughout the entire
    organisation, by creating sponsorship resources, materials and guides,
    and providing guidance to individuals, divisions and event convenors;
    ● Providing support to Development Directors in UN Youth Australia
    ● Sitting on the Board Ethics Committee to assist in evaluating the ethics
    of potential partnerships;
    ● Overseeing a Partnerships Manager and Alumni Manager who assist
    the CDO with their duties.
    Additionally, the Chief Development Officer is expected to demonstrate
    the following core competencies:

    Essential Criteria
    ● Strong project management skills;
    ● Ability to lead the strategic direction of the Development Portfolio
    ● Demonstrated ability to seek sponsorship for events/organisations
    and/or previous success in applying for grants;
    ● Ability to communicate effectively and with clarity;
    ● Ability to work to deadlines; and
    ● Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.
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    Desirable Criteria
    ● Strong background in networking and forming business connections;
    ● Innovative and creative mindset about strategy and partnerships;
    ● Experience in negotiating contracts or MOUs;
    ● Interest in Accessibility and/or Ethics; and
    ● Willingness and ability to drive new initiatives that improve the capacity
    of the organisation in line with the Strategic Plan.

    How to apply

    Your application should include:
    ● Your name, age and division (state/territory)
    ● Your best phone number and email address
    ● Your WWCC number or local equivalent (if you have one)
    ● A resume of relevant experience, not to exceed one A4 page
    ● A statement addressing the core competencies outlined below and
    your vision for the role, not to exceed two A4 pages
    Applications close at 11:59pm AWST on Sunday 5 November 2023.

    The roles will be appointed by UN Youth Australia’s Board of Directors in
    November 2023. The successful candidates will be appointed for a 12-month
    term starting 1 January 2024, with the possibility of an extension.

    Please direct any questions to the National President, Michael
    Donaghue-Evans, at president@unyouth.org.au.